AiHime (Japanese: 藍織, AiOri) is the name of the relationship between Sousuke Aizen and Orihime Inoue .


Arrancar ArcEdit

In a shady manner, Kisuke Urahara has Orhime Inoue brought to him and tells her that she is to stay out of any future fights.[1] He later reveals to Ichigo Kurosaki that he did this because he was trying to hide Orihime from the eyes of ex-shinigami captain, Sousuke Aizen. Urahara feared that Aizen would take interest in Orihime and her unusual abilities and move to claim her for himself.[2]

Just as Urahara predicted, Orihime and her abilities do spur Aizen's attention and Urahara regrets that he did not hide Orihime from Aizen quickly enough. Upon seeing footage of Orihime brought back by Ulquiorra Cifer, Aizen decides to have Orihime captured.[3] An invasion of the Human world is ordered, with the intention of luring Orihime out and taking her back to Aizen’s fortress, Las Noches.

Hueco Mundo Arc Edit


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