GrimmHime (Japanese: グリ織, GrimmOri) is the name of the relationship between Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez and Orihime Inoue .


  • Chapter 240: Aizen orders Orihime to demostrate her powers by regenerating Grimmjow's arm. After she heals back his limb, Grimmjow then asks her to heal his Espada tattoo, which Orihime does effortlessly.
  • Chapter 273: Loly and Menoly attack Orihime when Grimmjow makes an explosive entrance to her room. He then ruthlessly takes down the two arrancar girls and reveals to Orihime that he saved her as payback for restoring his arm. Grimmjow lifts Orihime by the collar and demends a favour from her.
  • Chapter 274: Grimmjow demands Orihime to heal her beaten face.

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