IshiHime (Japanese: 石織) is the name of the relationship between Uryu Ishida and Orihime Inoue .


Agent of the Shinigami ArcEdit

  • IshiHime Feels 6
    Chapter 35: Orihime introduces Ichigo to Uryu, who's in the same sewing club as her.
  • Chapter 61: Orihime invites Uryu to train with her and Chad, but he declines. She later tells Uryu that she'll be waiiting for him if he changes his mind on joining her and Chad's rescue of Rukia.

Soul Society ArcEdit

  • IshiHime carry 1.1
    Chapter 86: Afer Orihime wakes up from her dream of a Prince Ichigo, she finds that Uryu has applied first-aid to her injuries.
  • Chapter 89: Uryu saves Orihime from Jirobo's sword strike.
  • Chapter 91: Orihime thanks Uryu for saving her. She then has an inner monologue over how Uryu has changes when facing Shinigamis.
  • Chapter 119: Orihime attracts the perverted attentions of Toshimori Uemeda, which results in Uryu protecting Orihime from his advances until Uemeda is called off. Orihime thanks Uryu and he reacts embarrassly.
  • Chapter 120: Orihime feels upset over Tsubaki, her only offence-based fairy, being injured. Uryu comforts her, stating that her healing and shielding skills are very helpful. Uryu then notes how Orihime is unsuited for battle.
  • Chapter 121: Orihime summons her shield to protect herself, Uryu and Aramaki from the exploding 12th division Shinigami. She then thanks Ishida but he interrupts her and tells her that he is thankful that she reacted in time and attributes this to the hours of practice she put in to summoning her fairies without calling their names.
  • Chapter 164: Uuryu tells Chad that Ichigo wants to make sure Rukia doesn't get executed. When a shinigami questions as to why the group planned to go so far to rescue Rukia and Uuryu proceeded to answer, Orihime interrupted to state that Rukia is not just a friend [to Ichigo]. Uuryu gives an astonished look at her while she answered the question. 
  • Chapter 180: Uuryu was making outfits for Chad, Orihime, and Rukia, Orihime makes a comment, stating that the shirt Uuryu made looked "Kind of cute", which surprised Uuryu before he showed the dress he thought would suit for Rukia to wear (under the assumption that Rukia was coming along with them) based on those days in Karakura town.

Fake Karakura Town ArcEdit

  • Chapter 344: 
  • Chapter 346: 



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