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RenIchi (Japanese: 恋一, RenIchi) is a relationship pairing between Ichigo Kurosaki and Renji Abarai. This ship is founded on their friendship but mostly represented in a BL manner much like other pairings revolving around male-male relationships.


Agent of the Shinigami ArcEdit

Soul Society ArcEdit

Hueco Mundo ArcEdit

Lost Substitute Shinigami ArcEdit

Thousand-Year Blood ArcEdit

  • Chapter 521: While dining at Kirio Hikifune's palace, Ichigo wonders if it's okay for him and Renji to take baths and eat while everybody else back in the Seireitei are training for the Wandenreich's next attack. Renji reassures Ichigo, telling him that they both need to be fully recovered before they could start training.
  • Chapter 585: When Bazz-B catches Ichigo by surprise and fires a Burner Finger 1 at him, Renji

    Chapter 585: Reunion

    appears and deflects the blast with Zabimaru. After dismissing how he nearly hit Ichigo with his zanpakuto, Renji tells Ichigo to go after Yhwach and states he will handle the Sternritters, prompting Ichigo to depart.




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