RukiHime (Japanese: 織ルキ, OriRuki) is a relationship pairing about the two main female characters Rukia Kuchiki and Orihime Inoue. This ship is founded upon their canon friendship for one another in contrast to speculated fanon rivalry. 


Agent of the Shinigami ArcEdit

  • Ch59
    Chapter 58: Orihime, due to her recently awaken powers and spiritual awareness, did not lose her memories of Rukia after her absence. She then convinces a depressed Ichigo that he should go to Soul Society to rescue Rukia.

Arrancar ArcEdit

  • Chpater 199: While showering, Rangiku Matsumoto quietly listens as Orihime admits that while she's envious of Rukia's close relationship with Ichigo, she also admires and adore Rukia and feels horrible for being jealous.
  • Chapter 228: After being told by Kisuke Urahara that she would be a burden to her friends due to having Tsubaki be destroyed earlier, Orihime quickly leaves Urahara's shop and bumps into Rukia, where she almost starts crying. After telling Rukia what happened, Rukia vehemently confronts Orihime over her low self-esteem and lonliness issues, tells her that Orihime is a great person and her friends care for her, that she's not a burden to them, and that if Orihime hadn't went to Soul Society Rukia would've died. Rukia finally states that she and Orihime should both find a way to help in battle together.

Hueco Mundo ArcEdit

  • Ch269
    Chapter 269: At the end of Rukia's fight with Aaroniero Arruruerie, when she is seriously injured, she thinks of her friends. Orihime shows up last in Rukia's thoughts smiling and Rukia thinks of Orihime's situation of being a prisoner and fearing for her friends' safety was very much like Rukia's during her captivity in Soul Society. Rukia then swears she will come for her.

Deicide ArcEdit

  • Chapter 422: Rukia gives off an amused and understanding smile to Orihime's joyful tears at seeing Ichigo again.

Thousand-Year Blood War ArcEdit

  • Chapter 568: Rukia's memories are shown as Äs Nödt tries to mind-screw her. One of those memories are of her comforting Orihime.
  • Chapter: 681: Rukia cradles an injured Orihime.



  • In Bleach Opening 6 (Alones-Aquatimez), a scene of Rukia cupping Orihime's face and the broken hairpin are present.
  • In Bleach Opening 10 (Shōjo S), a scene of Rukia and Orihime doing a sexy dance.


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